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Keep your sites safe and accessible all winter long - with our help!


Our fleet of snow blades and blowers are first class which enables us to perform a quality job in a timely manner.  The snow blades we use consist of live edges and hydraulic wings that can clear even hard pack.  Also, our snow blowers can load dump trucks efficiency along side our high tip bucket when snow removal or relocation is needed.  We equip our machines with GPS for accurate record keeping and data collection.

Jones Ag has a wide range of equipment such as loaders, trucks, skid steers, snow blowers and salt trucks.    

With our fleet of large scale equipment, we excel in clearing large commercial properties. 

In-house Licensed Mechanic 

On Call At All Hours

Members of Contractor Check

Our fleet is managed and maintained by an inhouse licenced mechanic that is available on call 24/7.  This ensure maximum up time for our equipment.  Lastly, we are members of ContractorCheck and take pride in keeping our staff safe on all job sites. 

Contact us to discuss all of your specific snow removal needs. 

References and equipment viewing available upon request.

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